Mongolia’s flood victims need tents before winter

Heavy rain in July in Mongolia left 20,000 people exposed to the countries harsh weather conditions.

In Ulaanbaatar and in Gobi Altai-Province, many people were left with nothing following the flooding.

Caritas through its national member Caritas Mongolia has been participating in the immediate response and are committed to provide water and shelter for new settlements in safer areas.

Caritas has launched an international appeal for US $200,000 (EUR 142,008.14) to provide traditional tents (Ger) for nomad families who have lost them.

Caritas Mongolia Secretary General Fr Pierrot Kasemuana, CICM said, “With the winter approaching Caritas has indeed made a choice to express its solidarity to the weakest among the weak. These tents have to be urgently distributed and installed before the end of November when the weather will change from summer to winter and by then, the temperature can go down as 40-45 degree below zero.”

Caritas is also distributing water and constructing wells in three new settlements.


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