Caritas statement on human trafficking

Caritas around the world runs anti-trafficking campaigns focusing on helping women and girls. Credits: Caritas Philippines

Caritas around the world runs anti-trafficking campaigns focusing on helping women and girls.
Credits: Caritas Philippines

Sanumaya Tamang and Sani Tam-ang were both 16 when they were taken to brothels in India. More than 10,000 women and children form Nepal are trafficked into India every year. Internal conflict, poverty, illiteracy and unemployment in Nepal are the root causes of the problem.

In India, Caritas is working with authorities to toughen government boarder controls to shut down the activity.

Caritas works around the global to combat trafficking.

Caritas strongly condemns trafficking as a criminal act that violates basic human rights.

Caritas is committed to taking decisive actions

  • To raise public awareness and enable people to take preventative actions
    Caritas works in communities with at risk groups to explain the dangers of trafficking.Caritas also works with various key groups such as doctors, religious, social workers and government officials to build a long-term network of awareness building.
  • To advocate for alternatives for vulnerable people
    Caritas works to provide alternatives to vulnerable groups who are looking to migrate. This involves tackling the root causes of migration.
  • To help and protect trafficked people
    Caritas provides secure shelter, social, medical, psychological and legal assistance, as well as vocational training.
  • To advocate for anti-trafficking legislation and to ensure it is enforced
    Advocacy in countries of destination and towards international institutions to ensure that legislation is in place to protect trafficked persons and to punish traffickers.
  • To advocate for economic and migration policies that reduce vulnerability,
    Looking at the driving forces of trafficking and migration is a crucial element.
  • To network with Church and other international organisations
    Traffickers operate across boarders and to effectively defeat them Caritas members work internationally, cooperating with authorities, other NGOs, and other Church-related organisations.
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