Needed and Exploited – the Invisible Suffering of Migrant Domestic Workers

Needed and Exploited – the Invisible Suffering of Migrant Domestic Workers

Needed and Exploited – the Invisible Suffering of Migrant Domestic Workers

The issue of migrant domestic workers is a major one in many parts of the world. It is sometimes linked to trafficking in human beings and it affects women to a large extent. Migrant domestic workers are often victims of severe human rights violations, which often are unreported and go unpunished.
The most extreme forms of exploitation and abuse have resulted in severe injury and even death.

Caritas Internationalis, concerned about the denial of the human rights and dignity of migrants around the world, has decided to compile information on the situation of migrant domestic  workers among its member organisations worldwide, their national/local partners, religious orders, and other Catholic NGOs that share the same concerns.

The feedback received from them, presented here below, is a contribution to the work of ILO for the drafting of an international convention on the rights of migrant domestic workers.

This compilation is based on answers received to the questions below:
1) Are you engaged for the cause of domestic workers and who are your main allies?

2) How are domestic workers defined in your country? Which categories of work are included, which are left out?

3) From which countries do they come?

4) Are there any laws and regulations that control/regulate this area of work?

5) What are the major problems in this area from the point of view of your organization or other organizations?

6) What kind of improvements do you recommend?

7) Please highlight best practices, stories or major concerns.

Replies have been grouped by receiving country with the exception of Sri Lanka. The case of migrants from this country to the Middle East called for special attention. Data were taken from a book called “The Travails of Sri Lankan Migrants” a study report written by Rev. Fr. George Sigamoney and published by the Commission for Justice Peace Human Development, Human Rights Secretariat – Setik-Caritas Kandy…

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