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Caritas – ending poverty, promoting justice and restoring dignity

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Towards a civilization of love

Caritas Internationalis reflects the social mission and core values of the Catholic Church. We believe in dignity, solidarity and stewardship on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable people
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Giving to Caritas Internationalis allows us to strengthen the global confederation of over 160 national Catholic charities. We serve all poor people, of all faiths, all over the world.

Caritas – North America

Caritas at work in your region.

Caritas North America consists of three organisations from the United States and Canada that provide some of the largest emergency response, development, advocacy and other programs to the united work of Caritas Internationalis.
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Caritas updates from around the world

  • Caritas supports victims of deadly Mocoa landslide, Colombia

Caritas supports victims of deadly Mocoa landslide, Colombia

  • 6 April 2017
Caritas is responding to a devastating landslide in Mocoa, south-west Colombia, which has left at least 290 people dead, over 300 still missing and 200 injured, in the worst disaster of its kind to hit the country since the 1980s.
  • Death toll rises as floods continue in Peru

Death toll rises as floods continue in Peru

  • 6 April 2017
The casualties from severe floods in Peru have now risen to 106 dead and 358 wounded people, while the number forced from their homes has reached 156,400 as heavy rains continue across many areas of the country.

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