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Taiwan, China
Caritas Taiwan

Caritas Taiwan – the Commission for Social Development – was founded in 1969 and is mandated by the Chinese Regional Bishops Conference to help people at the national level and abroad. Taiwan has a dynamic economy, from low-technology goods to higher–value manufacturing and exports, mainly in electronics and computers. Caritas Taiwan works with people living in challenging conditions, who do not feel the benefit of this prosperity.

Caritas Taiwan emergency relief and rehabilitation services provides help to those living in areas that are hit by natural calamities. The agency collaborates with local parishes in China to provide supplies in the form of food, clothing and medicine to victims of the massive earthquake in China and provided rehabilitation services to the areas affected by Typhoon Morakot in 2009.

Caritas Taiwan provides assistance to the local people in the different rural areas in China to help them develop their poor communities. The projects include construction of roads, school buildings and libraries, water system for irrigation and organising public health education seminars. Summer camps are also organised for children living with HIV/AIDS and for those children whose parents migrated in bigger cities to find better sources of living.

Caritas Taiwan special concern for the youth provides services to reach the poorest children to bring them the opportunity of education by subsidizing the tuition fees of more than 1,000 school children whose families can barely afford to pay. The subsidy also includes the salaries of school teachers to meet the needs of the schools and to educate the children.

Caritas Twain also renders services to the Overseas Contract Workers and other nationals in Taiwan through its migrant desk. The programme for the migrants are as follows: information and education in different areas of Taipei diocese, empowerment, repatriation assistance, case management counseling, visits to the detention centre, referrals, lobbying and advocacy for the cause of the migrant workers especially for the revision of the Household Service Act for the caregivers/domestic workers.

Caritas Twain main office in Taipei City employs 11 staff to carry out their social services and activities.

Caritas Taiwan works in partnership with the world-wide network of Caritas Internationalis, such as Caritas Mongolia, Caritas Korea, and a project involving Caritas Hong Kong and Caritas Macau to organise spiritual exercises for those working in social services.

Caritas Updates from Taiwan

  • Landslides complicating Sichuan quake relief efforts

Landslides complicating Sichuan quake relief efforts

  • 22 April 2013
Caritas partners are struggling to reach Taiping, a remote township near the epicentre of Saturday’s deadly earthquake. The earthquake of 6.6 magnitudes struck the province of Sichuan in Southwest China on 20 April, killing nearly 200 people, leaving thousands of people injured and causing significant damages.
  • Lessons from Typhoon Morakot

Lessons from Typhoon Morakot

  • 30 June 2010
Typhoon Morakot was the most distressing catastrophe to hit Taiwan in 50 years, devastating several areas in the south of the country. The heavy rainfall on August 8, 2009 caused mudslides and flooding that buried the entire town of Xiaolin. Hundreds of lives were lost and hundreds more were left homeless and displaced. Morakot’s aftermath resulted in billions of dollars in damage to infrastructure, as well as to agriculture that supported the aboriginal people.
  • Food, tents, warm clothes needed in China after quake

Food, tents, warm clothes needed in China after quake

  • 30 April 2010
Over six hundred people have now been confirmed dead as a result of the earthquake and over 10,000 are injured. However, some of the areas affected are isolated and haven’t yet been reached so these figures could rise.


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