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Caritas Djibouti

Caritas Djibouti was founded by Msgr Bernardin Hoffman, Bishop of Djibouti, on 1 January 1978. For more than three decades it has been helping the country’s inhabitants, of whom half live in the capital and have to face up to the problems of an extremely poor African country. The average life expectancy is less than 58 years, and the average Djiboutian attends school for less than four years.

Caritas Djibouti contributes emergency humanitarian aid, in order to combat food shortages and the catastrophic consequences of conflicts and natural disasters in neighbouring countries such as Ethiopia and Somalia, which have led to an inflow of over 20,000 refugees.

Caritas Djibouti is also confronted with extreme climate change. Recurrent drought in the region has made life particularly difficult for the stock breeders of Djibouti who have lost up to 70 percent of their livestock. A survey among rural households revealed that almost half of them do not have enough food to meet their everyday requirements. The poorest spend their scant resources on feeding themselves, and many are obliged to sell their livestock so as to be able to buy something to eat.

In collaboration with the small Christian community, which is primarily of foreign origin, Caritas Djibouti is involved in healthcare and emergency humanitarian aid projects, works to promote education, provides support to street children and carries out advocacy actions relating to problems regarding the status and treatment of women. On the environmental front, Caritas has programmes to combat drought.

Caritas supports the work and projects of the European Union, non-government organisations and joins forces with several ministries and other local associations. At international level, Caritas Djibouti collaborates with Secours Catholique (Caritas France), Caritas Italy, Caritas Spain, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and Caritas Switzerland. At local level, the main partners are: the Ministry for the Promotion of Women, the Ministry of Education, Dar Islam and AFAS.

Caritas Updates from Djibouti

  • A childhood on the streets in Djibouti

A childhood on the streets in Djibouti

  • 22 June 2015
Caritas gets a large number of children into basic schooling and a small group of adolescents into a vocational college where they can learn a trade.


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