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Caritas Djibouti was founded by Msgr Bernardin Hoffman, Bishop of Djibouti, on 1 January 1978. For more than three decades it has been helping the country’s inhabitants, of whom half live in the capital and have to face up to the problems of an extremely poor African country.

Caritas Djibouti contributes to emergency humanitarian aid, so as to combat food shortages and the dire consequences of conflicts and natural disasters striking neighbouring countries such as Somalia and Ethiopia.

The organization is also confronted with the reality of extreme climate change affecting the country. Recurrent drought in the region has made life particularly difficult for stock breeders who sometimes lose up to 70 % of their livestock. On the environmental level, Caritas Djibouti is leading programs fighting against drought.

In collaboration with the Christian community, who is mainly of foreign origin, Caritas Djibouti is involved in healthcare and emergency humanitarian aid projects, as well as the promotion of education, support to street children and advocacy actions for challenge related to the status and treatment of women.

It supports the work and projects of international agencies and non-governmental organizations and joins forces with several ministries and local associations.

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