Zimbabweans tough it out against all odds

By David Snyder

There are signs of a fragile stability returning to Zimbabwe after decades of devastating decline. But the rural poor have yet to find themselves on solid ground.

Hunger is still overwhelming. Illnesses that are easily treated are still killing people for lack of access to health care. Many people don’t have enough to survive.

The powerful story of average Zimbabweans is one of enormous resilience and courage in the face of these difficulties.

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Widespread hunger in rural Zimbabwe means that Kembo Ndlovu, head of Lupaka primary school, doesn’t just have to worry about nourishing his pupils’ minds, but also their bodies. Read his story…
With the deepening economic and food crises, children are increasingly left behind as their parents go to search for work abroad. The challenges the sons and daughters of Zimbabwe face as a result are massive. Read their story…
Mr Mpofu, 49, tested positive for HIV in December 2008, and has since been struggling with his health. In impoverished southern Zimbabwe, poor health means no work and no pay, and no pay means lean times for Mpofu’s family. With six of his seven children still living at home Mr Mpofu says it has been difficult. Read his story…
“I‘ve suffered discrimination,”…“especially in public hospitals in South Africa. They call you names and say ‘oh, you left your country where there’s no free medication and you spread diseases’.”Read her story…


David Snyder went to visit Caritas supported projects in Zimbabwe. Here are his blog entries from the trip.

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