Pope backs one million km walk with migrants and refugees

Caritas launched a one million kilometre walk with migrants and refugees on Sunday 21st October with encouragement from Pope Francis.

Cardinal Luis Tagle, president of Caritas Internationalis, led a large group including migrants, refugees, bishops and Caritas supporters on a 2.2km walk through Rome to St Peter’s Square.

Support from Pope Francis

Following the Angelus prayer, Pope Francis thanked Caritas for Share the Journey saying, “I offer a special thought for group here Caritas Internationalis, led by their president, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, and accompanied by bishops from different parts of the world.

“You’ve just completed a short pilgrimage within Rome to express your desire to walk together and thus learn to know each other better. I encourage the “Share the Journey” initiative, which is being promoted in many cities and which can transform our relationship with migrants. Many thanks Caritas!”

The Holy Father also tweeted his support

Walks around the world

The global pilgrimage is the latest stage in the Share the Journey campaign launched by Pope Francis in September 2017. The campaign aims to promote spaces and opportunities for migrants and refugees to come together with communities, to learn about each other and get to know each other better.

Over the same weekend, Share the Journey walks were also launched in Somalia, Greece and Jordan by national Caritas organisations. Other countries that have started encouraging walks with migrants and refugees are New Zealand, Chile, Canada, the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Caritas organisations in Cambodia, India, Djibouti, Sweden, Costa Rica, Honduras and India are organising solidarity walks in the near future. Caritas has national member organisations in over 160 countries and will encourage all of them to promote walks in communities for the next six months.

ROME, ITALY – OCTOBER 21: Global Solidarity Walk “Share the Journey” with the Cardinal Luis Tagle, President of Caritas Internationalis, on the streets of the city with migrants and refugees to counter hatred and fear. Photo Stefano Montesi/Caritas

Look at flickr gallery for more photos from the global pilgrimage launch.

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