Caritas preparing Turkey earthquake survivors to face winter

Caritas Internationalis urges people to contribute funds to a two-month emergency programme to provide quick and effective help to people affected by the Izmir earthquake in Turkey.

The 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck just off the coast of Turkey on 30th October in the South Aegean Sea and was felt in the surrounding countries of Greece, Bulgaria and Macedonia.

Izmir earthquake. Photo by Caritas Turkey

Photo by Caritas Turkey

Reports say 114 people died and another 1035 were injured. An estimated 15,000 people are sleeping in tents in parks, recreational areas, university campuses, stadiums or in the houses of relatives or friends. And more people are expected to be put out on the streets as many damaged buildings, which have been rendered too dangerous to be inhabited, will be destroyed.

Caritas’s programme in Izmir will assist 2,500 people in coping with their losses due to the earthquake and help them face the rapidly approaching winter. Caritas will provide vital items people may have lost during the earthquake such as nappies and formula milk for babies, blankets, beds, winter clothes and household appliances for those temporarily relocated by the government.

As the weather is getting colder every day with the arrival of winter, there will be an additional need for warm clothes, blankets and heaters. Caritas will continue to assess the needs to assist those who are living in precarious situations to ensure they receive assistance in the long-term.

Photo by Caritas Turkey

Photo by Caritas Turkey

“In spite of the global crisis, we’ve really felt the solidarity of the local people in Izmir, who’ve been generously giving concrete help to those who’ve been affected by the earthquake,” says Nadir Nadhim, the director of Caritas Turkey.

“We now need help in order for us to continue our programmes and give hope to those who are trying to rebuild their lives as we move towards winter.”

The €52,000 programme has already so far received €20,000 funding, which leaves a shortfall of just €32,000.

Please support our work so families surviving the Izmir earthquake can be ready for winter months