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Caritas Somalia

Caritas Somalia was established in 1980 and became an official member of Caritas Internationalis in 1983. Since then the agency has been recognised by the Somalia’s Ministry of Interior as a “Local Association” that works to help the poor and to achieve projects of development. Caritas Somalia works in Somalia either directly with its own personnel or through local Somali NGOs.
Through effective relationships with partners and local communities, Caritas Somalia mission is to end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity.

Caritas Somalia responds to catastrophes such as drought, famine and armed conflict. Areas of intervention include IDP camps in Mogadishu, Afgoye corridor and closed villages (Boqoley, Mordinle, Lafoole and Mererey), the towns of Baidoa, Berdalle and Brava, and rural villages along Juba River (Gobwein, Yontoy, Bulaguduud). The agency also has ongoing projects in Somaliland.

Caritas Somalia has a presence in parts of the country through collaboration with Somali non-governmental organisations, born after the outbreak of the civil war. Their mission is to help people cope with conflicts and to the droughts that plague the country.
Caritas Somalia’s humanitarian and developmental programmes are designed to help the poorest and most vulnerable individuals. In cooperation with their partners, their initiatives ensures the full participation of the beneficiaries to safeguard their fundamental human rights to the basic necessities.

Caritas Somalia programmes encourages the involvement of community committees to strength the local governance and promote advocacy for the needs of the poorest people.

Caritas Somalia’s wide-range of work focuses on the following areas:

  • Hunger: Provides monthly food supplies for internal displaced people in Mogadishu and south Somalia. In addition, they support feeding programmes in community health centres for children and pregnant women.
  • Emergency Relief: During the rainy season, in collaboration with local partners they deploy emergency assistance to flooded and drought affected IDPs with tents, mosquito nets and blankets.
  • Education: Provide support to two schools in Mogadishu and several in Somaliland region to ensure equal opportunity for the poor and marginalised. The projects also improves access to schools for girls and the improves the skills of teachers.
  • Health: Financed the construction and covers the operating expenses for three Medical Centres in the Mogadishu area that are dedicated to IDPs. The health centres provide medicines, first aid, child health and care for pregnant women.
  • Aid to development: Through income generating programmes, partners help local communities in south Somalia in developing agriculture and fishing, improving water supply and sanitation, and providing micro-credit to small business; projects that are mostly addressing vulnerable women.

Caritas Somalia head office is in Djibouti. The agency’s work is led by a President, Mgr Giorgio Bertin and a Project Manager, Giovanni Parrino.

During the drought that struck Somalia in 2011-2012, Caritas Somalia received assistance from many of the National Caritas members and from other organisations. Principal partners of Caritas Somalia include Caritas MONA, Caritas Italy, Catholic Relief Services, Caritas Spain, and Kindermissionweark.

Caritas Updates from Somalia

  • Caritas responds to East Africa food crisis

Caritas responds to East Africa food crisis

  • 8 June 2017
Caritas is currently funding 140 aid projects aimed at providing assistance for more than 4.3 million people in need. Around two thirds of Caritas programmes focus on food security and livelihoods.
  • Hunger hits cattle herders in Somaliland

Hunger hits cattle herders in Somaliland

  • 4 May 2017
Half the population of Somaliland, 2 million people, is struggling to survive hunger that has swept across Somalia. More than half the country are going hungry. Some 185,000 children could die of starvation.
  • Cholera and famine strike Somalia and South Sudan

Cholera and famine strike Somalia and South Sudan

  • 28 April 2017
Drought and civil conflict have led to food crises across East Africa. Parts of South Sudan are already experiencing famine. The humanitarian situation in Somalia is rapidly deteriorating.


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