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Caritas Bulgaria

Caritas Bulgaria is a Bulgarian non-profit organization performing social work to support vulnerable people in society. Established in 1993 by decision of the Bishops’ Conference of the Catholic Church in Bulgaria, Caritas Bulgaria follows its mission to create a more humane and just society in which all people, especially the very poor and the oppressed, find hope and strength and could feel a full part of the world. In pursuance of this, Caritas Bulgaria supports its member organizations which implement social activities through their local structures.

The main areas on which Caritas Bulgaria concentrates its activities are:
providing social, health and educational care and services; response to emergency situations; advocacy activities before the Bulgarian government to develop and implement long-term and effective social policies that lead to sustainable improvement of the quality of life of the poor and vulnerable people.

The social, health and educational care and services provided by Caritas Bulgaria through its member organizations are in support of: elderly people; children and young people with disabilities; children and youth at risk; people dependent on psycho-active substances; asylum-seekers, refugees and migrants; single mothers; homeless; victims of natural disasters.

  • For the elderly people Caritas implements a Home Care Program. There are 8 Caritas Home Care Centres in Sofia, Ruse, Belene, Burgas, Plovdiv, Rakovsky, Malko Tarnovo and Zhitnitsa. They provide, through the Caritas mobile teams, complex social services and health care at the homes of the needy elderly people. In Burgas and Pokrovan operate Day Care Centers for lonely elderly people.
  • For the children and young people at risk Caritas implements various activities supporting their education and organizing their leisure time. In Kuklen and Banya (Nova Zagora) there are centers for after-school interests. In Rouse and in Malko Tarnovo work Social Support Centres which provide social and educational care for children living in poverty, representatives of vulnerable groups. Various activities are carried out with children and adolescents for prevention of addiction and human trafficking.
  • For children and young people with disabilities there are three functioning Caritas Centres in the cities of Ruse and Sofia and the village Veselinovo. They provide complex social services – kinesitherapy, work-therapy, psychotherapy, speech therapy, art therapy and other specialized activities.
  • For people dependent on psycho-active substances Caritas realizes the pre-treatment program Mobile care in Sofia. The people to whom we care are provided with primary medical aid, anonymous testing for blood-transmitted infections, consultations about the opportunities and ways for treatment, consultations of parents and friends, free medical examinations.
  • For refugees, migrants and asylum seekers the Migration Service of Caritas provides social consultations, humanitarian assistance and specialized services.
  • For the single mothers there is a social Caritas Centre in Sofia which provides professional care, counseling and services to single mothers raising their children alone on their own.
  • For the homeless people there is Mobile Caritas Care for homeless in Burgas and a shelter for homeless in Russe. Both services provide homeless people with food, clothing, essential medicines, social counseling, legal and psychological assistance.
  • For the victims of natural disasters Caritas realizes activities for urgent humanitarian support and rehabilitation.

Caritas Bulgaria is a member of: Caritas Internationalis; Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants; Bulgarian Platform for International Development; National Council on Social Inclusion Issues at the Council of Ministers; Christian Organizations Against Trafficking Network (COATNET); European Reintegration Support Organizations (ERSO).

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