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Address: Dmitrovskoye Shosse, 5/1 apt. 136, 127434 Moscow P.B. 93
Telephone: +7 499 976 24 38 Fax: +7 499 976 24 38
Facebook: Caritas Russia

Caritas of Mother of God Archdiocese in Moscow, formerly known as Caritas Russia, has been working on behalf of the Catholic Church in Russia since 1991.

The national agency of Caritas relocated from St. Petersburg to Moscow in early 2013 and is now working as a department of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Russia. At the national level, the department coordinates all Catholic charity in Russia and also supports three Diocesan Caritas in Moscow, Saratov and Novosibirsk. They work together on tasks of project development and the network of Caritas in Russia.

Caritas in Russia is formed of three Catholic Diocese offices of Russia:

  • Caritas of Mother of God Archdiocese in Moscow
  • Caritas of the Diocese of the Lord’s Transfiguration in Novosibirsk
  • Diocesan Caritas of St. Clement in Saratov (South of Russia)

All these Diocesan Caritas have regional Caritas and support them.

Caritas provides assistance for poor people and for victims of disasters, accidents and armed conflicts in Russia.

The agency’s wide range of programmes provide social and medical support and rehabilitation assistance for young and elderly people in need and the homeless, and preparation of volunteers’ work with the professional community and society.

In addition, Caritas in Russia’s ongoing programmes and campaigns include:

  • Home Care – providing comprehensive in-home personal support and services to the elderly, the sick and the disabled.
  • Services for young people – providing shelters, camps and day centres.
  • Homeless services – programmes that provide the essentials such as clothes, food and medicine for the needy; solidarity club – solidarity events in Russia and promotion of dignity and well-being.
  • Adolescents – the main goal is to prevent neglect and encourage socialisation of children and adolescents in need.
  • Mother and child – programmes that help to save children’s lives before their birth.
  • HIV-infected people – improving the life quality of HIV-infected people.
  • Reintegration services – social services supporting the reintegration of people returning to the Homeland.
  • Emergency project – support for victims of conflict and acts of God.
  • Social consultation and support – psychological, social and consultative support for people in Russian regions.

Caritas of Mother of God Archdiocese in Moscow is a fully-fledged member of the international confederations Caritas Internationalis and Caritas Europa. In addition, the agency engages in partnerships with NGOs, state organisations such as the Ministry of Social Defence, the Federal Migration Service, the Institute of Economy (Moscow), and the Department on Charity of the Russian Orthodox Church.

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