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Caritas Turkey

Caritas in Turkey works with a variety of groups needing support: refugees, migrants, ill-treated women, children, the elderly, handicapped people and minorities. Caritas Turkey helps to provide services in the fields of emergencies, health, education, social adjustment and employment.

Among its activities are projects for assistance in securing personal documentation, providing food aid for the needy and response to emergencies such as flooding, earthquakes and refugee influxes.

Since 1991, Caritas Turkey has been working for refugees. Large numbers of refugees from Iraq have received considerable support from Caritas, which has provided medical and food assistance and legal advice, helped children with their education and sought employment opportunities for adults.

With the outbreak of the Syrian conflict in 2011, Turkey, along with Jordan and Lebanon has welcomed thousands of Syrian refugees, some staying in refugee camps and other sharing crowded households, mainly in south and southeastern Turkey. The refugees attended by Caritas have received not only medical assistance, food and provisions, but also support and solidarity from its staff.

Caritas Turkey works in collaboration with other Caritas members such as Caritas Italy, Spain, Germany, France, the Netherlands (Cordaid) in carrying out its humanitarian work. One of its guiding principles is that the poor are not objects of pity but the authors of their own development.

The main areas of work of Caritas Turkey include:

  • Emergency response
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Social development
  • Care for the elderly and the handicapped
  • Support for refugees
  • Assistance for the poor and needy

Caritas Updates from Turkey

  • Caritas worker in Syria, refugee in Europe

Caritas worker in Syria, refugee in Europe

  • 8 January 2016
Modar used to work for Caritas in Syria helping people who were fleeing conflict. When life became too dangerous, he left for Europe. He describes his work, the terrible journey and coming to terms with being a refugee.
  • Swimming to Europe: a Syrian family’s story

Swimming to Europe: a Syrian family’s story

  • 16 September 2015
With no room in the flimsy boat for all of his family of six, Khaled Basheer swam behind with his daughter clinging to his back as they headed from Turkey to Greece. Now they're in Serbia, waiting to start a new life in Europe.
  • Refugees head west: from Aleppo to Vienna

Refugees head west: from Aleppo to Vienna

  • 13 September 2015
The war in Syria is reaching the heart of Europe, with hundreds of thousands of refugees leaving the Middle East through the Western Balkans. Their voyages are filled with peril and suffering, but along the way they're receiving solidarity and help.