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Caritas Lithuania

Caritas Lithuania was founded in 1926 by Lithuanian Catholics but was forced to suspend their activities during the Soviet Union occupation in 1940. It was not until 1989, the moratorium was lifted and Caritas Lithuania resumed its social activities providing care and assistance to the poor and marginalised.

During the National Assembly in 1997, Caritas Lithuania name was approved and the organisation was integrated into the structure of the Catholic Church of Lithuania.

Today, Caritas Lithuania has established 60 social institutions providing assistance to various social groups: children, homeless people, poor families and elderly, victims of human trafficking and prostitutions, those incarcerated in prison, the lonely and sick people.

Caritas Lithuania programmes includes humanitarian assistance in the form of food and clothing to poor families, homecare service to provide care to the elderly and sick, day care centres for children and treatment and rehabilitation programmes for people struggling with substance abuse.

Caritas Lithuania social service initiatives assist and prevent human trafficking and prostitution, provide temporary shelter and food to the homeless, assist people experiencing social exclusion and provide training programmes for volunteers.

Caritas Lithuania national office in Kaunas employs 300 staff and approximately 2500 volunteers. The Secretariat coordinates the activities in 7 Caritas dioceses throughout Lithuania.

In 1991 Caritas Lithuania became a member of Caritas Internationalis and Caritas Europe.

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